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Oh my Dior


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Forever in love with this fluorite point I got from lj-silhouette / ljfitness last Christmas ^.^

You know I don’t belong to you and you know you don’t belong to me

The roses you gave me are dead and this exactly how I feel our love is reaching the end

Today almost fall wearing cranberry lipstick and my @danielwellingtonwatches 💮💮💮💮 #selfie #ootd #mac #lipstick #fblogger #fbloggers #falltag

Loving my #maryjanes from the new post! So comfortable! The first time I saw them I was in Paris, a lovely chic lady was wearin a brown pair with mustard tights, I was impressed how she walked and walked and never got tired. That was eactly the moment when I thought I need a pair!! And here I am 👽👽👽👽 #ootd #alien #rad #chictopia #ohmydior #happiness #fblogger

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